Terms & Conditions

It is now a legal requirement for blogs such as Joannesherrell.com to outline their terms & conditions of use, including cookie policy and data protection, as well as any details related to sponsored content, affiliation and gifted products. This information can all be found on this page.

By continuing to visit, browse and interact with this website, you are therefore agreeing to these terms and conditions.

If you require any further information, please contact me at hello@joannesherrell.com.


Opinions & Recommendations

Firstly, I’d like to state that I sincerely value the trust of my readership, therefore you can expect all opinions and recommendations shared on Joannesherrell.com to be 100% honest and genuine. I will never be swayed to share a product or company in a positive light in exchange for cash or any other incentive, and I will only recommend products and brands that I genuinely love.

Affiliate Links

I may sometimes use affiliate links. This means that if you click on a direct link from my blog and you make a purchase on that page, I may receive a tiny amount of money from the sale. This does not mean that you will be charged more money; The price you pay is exactly the same if you went directly to the website but the company pays me a small amount of money from your sale as a thank you for referring a customer.

While it is not mandatory that you purchase through the affiliate links on my page, it is greatly appreciated, and the money generated supports the running of my blog.

Affiliate links are marked with an asterisk (*).

PR Products & Gifted Items

I purchase most of the products mentioned on Joannesherrell.com with my own money, however, some items mentioned may have been sent to me as a gift by brands or PR companies. In this instance, these will be marked as ‘PR’ or ‘gifted’.

Sponsorship & Advertisements

I may occasionally be paid by a company to advertise their brand or product on Joannesherrell.com. This could be in the form of a product review or simply providing a link to their website.

Any content of this nature will be marked as ‘ad’ and, as mentioned above, all opinions and recommendations I share – regardless of if they are sponsored or not – will be 100% honest and genuine. I will never be swayed to share a product or company in a positive light in exchange for cash or any other incentive, and I will only recommend products and brands that I genuinely love.


Your privacy is extremely important to me and, as a data controller, I ensure that I am working in accordance with the European General Data Protection Act in order to obtain and store your personal information safely.

Types of Data Collection

I may collect information directly from the blog (when you sign up to my newsletter, for example) or from third parties that I use to monitor the usage of this blog. These may include your name and email address, or your location, gender and preferences, in order to make your browsing experience more suitable for, and applicable to, you.

Third Parties

Third parties, such as WordPress Plugins, that may collect your data on my behalf, include, but are not limited to: Google, IONOS, Mailerlite and WPDisquz.

How Your Data Is Processed

Your data is processed safely and appropriately in order to reduce the possibility of your information being changed, deleted or stolen.

You will never be asked to provide information unless it is absolutely required for the purpose of providing you with the best user experience and your information will never, ever be shared with anyone else unless explicitly stated, and agreed to by you, at the point of collection.

Data Retention

Your personal information and data will only be stored for as long as it is required or allowed. For example, if you unsubscribe from my newsletter, your information will automatically be deleted and never used again unless you explicitly permit this again at a future time.


All content on this website, associated social media and other platforms, including text, graphics and images, are copyright Joanne Sherrell & Joannesherrell.com, unless otherwise stated. 

Permission to use my content must be explicitly expressed in writing and linked back to me, where applicable. Please email me on hello@joannesherrell.com for more information.

I may, from time-to-time, use a combination of paid-for stock and royalty-free images, where I have permission to use these on my blog and associated social media channels and other platforms.