Hair colour: I am naturally a mousy level 5 brunette but I currently have a level 8/9 silver/ blonde balayage alongside my natural root colour.

Hair type: My hair is very fine, flat and straight, coloured/ lightened. I also have an oily scalp with drier ends.

Top Haircare Picks:



Skin colour: I have a light-medium complexion with olive undertones that deepens easily with sun exposure, but I also suffer with a lot of redness due to rosacea caused by sensitivity.

Skin type: Combination, acne-prone and sensitive. 

Skin profile: With my current skincare regimen, I have managed to more-or-less normalise my skin type, but without these regular products, my skin is dehydrated and tight with an oily t-zone.

I also use anti-aging products as I have begun to develop fine lines on my forehead and around my eyes, as well as some loss of elasticity around the jawline.

I used to suffer from terrible acne as a teenager and throughout my early 20’s but experimenting with skincare and learning about ingredients helped me to take control. Not sticking to a strict skincare regimen usually results in my skin becoming unbalanced and prone to breakouts.

Top Skincare Picks:


Eye colour: Hazel

Eye shape: I have deep-set, slightly hooded, almond-shaped eyes. Dark colours and bold eyeliner very often make my eyes look small. I forever struggle to find fake lashes that suit my eye shape and size, that aren’t too full.

Glasses/ contact lenses: I wear both spectacles and contact lenses on a daily basis.

Top Eyecare Picks: Hubble contact lenses (the comfiest lenses I have tried)