Lip Filler Alternatives: Bigger Lips Without Injections

As a fellow thin-lipped lass, I’ve been there, done that when it comes to making my pout fuller. I’ve tried all the lotions, potions and contraptions under the sun. I’d also tried

contouring, over-drawing my lips, you name it… and I’ve probably spent more money on lip plumping glosses than any other makeup, hair or skincare product.

The thing with lip filler alternatives is that good ones are really hard to come by; So many claim to give gorgeously plump lips when, in fact, they make no difference at all.

Thankfully, I think I’ve found what could be the best lip filler alternatives on the market, and I’m going to show you how how to get bigger lips without fillers and painful injections!

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The Best Lip Plumping Tool

The Candylipz Lip Plumper

Remember the Kylie Jenner lip challenge? I used to watch video after video on Youtube of people taking lip suction to THE NEXT LEVEL and ending up with lips that resembled, well… the hind-side of a baboon. I gave it a go myself with a shot glass for the laughs and in a strange turn of events ended up being pleasantly surprised with the results. I spent the subsequent hour posing for selfies with my newly inflated pout. Which led to me delving deeper into lip plumping contraptions like the Candylipz Apple. I opted for a few cheaper alternatives that I found on Amazon first, such as this set of 3, which were good gate-way products, but the Candylipz version is by far my favourite.

The Candylipz Lip Plumper Apple is a device that works by creating a vacuum around the lips which sends blood rushing to the surface, leaving the lips looking swollen and enlarged for a period of time. It has 2 sections in which you place your top and bottom lips. You use it by simply applying the plumping device to your lips and squeezing the Apple to remove any air and, on letting go of the apple, it creates a vacuum seal around them. It also has a small silicone plug which you can use to plump one lip at a time. It’s great for a subtle increase in size or even if you want to opt for a more full-on effect. It really all depends on how long you leave it suctioned to your face for. The longer you leave it, the bigger they get.

Used daily, Candylipz claim that the plumper will eventually have a long term effect but at first, it will only last a few hours. With regular use, your lips also get used to the suction so don’t tend to bruise.

There are also different shapes and sizes available depending on your lip size and shape and the look you want to achieve. I went for the red apple as it is most suited for thinner lips with less width. 

Too Faced Lip Injection

Too Faced Lip Injection plumping gloss is a product that I actually discovered when I was about 16. I remember the first time I tried out a sample in Boots and I would dare my cousin to use it every time we went in there. I won’t lie, the tingle can get pretty intense. But I’ve grown to enjoy it since you can really feel that it’s working as it should. Besides, it’s nothing compared to having actual needles pushed into your lips!

According to Too Faced, Lip Injection contains a ‘medically proven blood vessel dilating technology’ which results in immediate and long-term results, both of which I can vouch for. The results are more or less instant and they last a good few hours. I might reapply just once or twice on a night out.

I use this lip plumping gloss more or less every single day. I usually apply it as a step in my skincare routine and, by the time it gets to lips while I’m doing my makeup, they’re usually nice and plumped. You can either use it on its own or underneath lippie for a glossy shine or wipe it away first. I prefer an ultra-glossy look as it makes the lips look even more plumped.

I recently opted for the Lip Injection Extreme version too, which is supposedly a more intense version of the original Too Faced Lip Injection plumping gloss. However, I don’t really feel it works any better and will probably save the extra £2 and go for the original Lip Injection in future. Just a little food for thought.

Regardless, this is by far the best lip plumping gloss I have ever used and I will probably continue to repurchase it until the end of time!

The Best Lip Plumping Gloss

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