Beauty Profile

My beauty profile outlines my skin and hair types and characteristics. I thought this would be helpful to include as it allows for more transparency and may make it easier for anyone deciding whether to make a purchase based on my recommendation. I will try my best to keep it updated as things change. I hope you find it useful!

My Skin Profile

Skin Type & Characteristics

Skin type: Combination, acne-prone, sensitive

Skin concerns: Oiliness, dryness, scarring, hyperpigmentation, redness, large pores

Skin colour & tone: Medium-fair with yellow/ olive undertones

My earlier experiences with skincare and learning about skin types and characteristics were far from pleasant.

In my early teens, I developed a severe case of cystic acne and I was forced to learn more about my skin and the way it worked.

Despite my best efforts, I had acne up until I gave birth to my son at 21. Presumably there may have been some hormonal issues going on which contributed to my skin issues, or maybe I just ‘grew out of them’. I approached doctors on a handful of occasions they weren’t very helpful. The prescriptions I tried somewhat cleared up my acne temporarily, but it always reverted back to being inflamed and congested once I finished the courses of medication I was given.

Now, at almost 30 years old, I’m still facing the backlash of my acne. I especially have some deep boxcar scarring either side of my temples which I’m attemtping to improve with various treatments such as chemical peels and plasma (which I plan to write about very soon!)