My Beauty Profile

My beauty profile outlines my skin and hair types and other beauty-related characteristics. I thought this would be helpful to include as it allows for more transparency and may make it easier for anyone deciding whether to make a purchase based on my recommendation. I will try my best to keep it updated as things change. I hope you find it useful!

Skin Type & Characteristics

Skin type: Combination, acne-prone, sensitive 

Face: My facial skin is naturally combination but the use of skincare products tend to keep it balanced. I still suffer the occasional hormonal breakout but these are usually monthly, and tend to be mild.

Body: My back is typically combination and can very quickly switch between dry and oily which causes breakouts, or ‘back-ne’. The skin on the rest of my body is typically balanced besides the odd dry patch.

Skin concerns: Oiliness, dryness, scarring, hyperpigmentation, redness, large pores

Skin colour & tone: Medium-fair with yellow/ olive undertones that tans easily

My Skin History

My earlier experiences with skincare and learning about skin types and characteristics were far from pleasant.

In my early teens, I developed a severe case of cystic acne and I was forced to learn more about my skin and the way it worked.

Despite my best efforts, I had acne up until I gave birth to my son at 21. Presumably there may have been some hormonal issues going on which contributed to my skin problems or maybe I just ‘grew out of them’. I approached doctors on a handful of occasions but they weren’t very helpful. The prescriptions I tried somewhat cleared up my acne temporarily, but it always reverted back to being inflamed and congested once I finished the courses of medication I was given.

Now, at almost 30 years old, I’m still facing the backlash of my acne. While I only tend to suffer mild hormonal breakouts, I especially have some deep boxcar scarring either side of my temples which I’m attempting to improve with various treatments such as chemical peels and plasma regeneration.

Skincare Hero's

I don’t go a single day without using a hyaluronic acid and niacinamide treatment. While hyaluronic acid helps to retain moisture, niacinamide also controls excessive oil production. Used together, I have had great success in keeping my skin balanced, for the most part.

I also use exfoliating acid-based treatments once or twice per week to stay on top of keratin build-up and keeping my pores clear.

Hair & Scalp

Hair Colour: Natural level 5 medium neutral brown with level 9 blonde balayage

Hair type: Lightened/ coloured, damaged, dry

Hair density: Fine

Hair length: Long

Scalp: Oily, flaky (Flakiness tends to occur during seasonal transitions due to the change in temperature and humidity)

My Hair History

I have dyed my hair since the age of 14. Until I was around 18, my hair was repeatedly dyed with darkest brown or black box colour all over.

I typically allowed my hair to grow as long as possible, with face framing layers and a bulky side fringe, and I would constantly be sporting a head of glue-in wefted hair extensions (Which, let me tell you, ended up completely ruining my hair eventually!)

I experimented a lot with my hairstyle after this, going blonde for the first time aged 19 and cutting it into a heavily layered chin-length bob (my most daring hairstyle to date – and possibly one of my favourites!) 

During my original blonde stage, I took the opportunity to play with colour while my hair was light enough to, and I would regularly switch it up with semi-permanent fashion colour, including purple, pink, and blue. This was more-so a phase for me, as I’m definitely more of natural or subtle fashion colour kinda gal these days.

Whenever I got bored of the blonde, it would be back to the ol’ dark brown box dye, which I would basically just whacked on and hoped for the best. I’d usually put those dreaded hair extensions back in, too.

Since having my son in my early twenties, I have been more fond of lower maintenance looks that allow me to save time when it comes to styling, and keeping my colour fresh. I would cut my hair a little shorter than I was used to (just below my armpit) and opt for a balayage with rootage, which still looked great even when overgrown.

Since qualifying as a pro hairstylist and hair extensions specialist, I’ve embraced my haircare knowledge and definitely try to take much better care of my hair. As I spend day in, day out cutting, colouring, styling, and fitting hair extensions into, everyone else’s hair, I don’t get bored and feel the need to experiment with my own even half as much.

Haircare Hero's

When it comes to colour, I tend to shy away from box dye and opt for professional formulations, such as Wella and Redken. I’m also a massive fan of demi-permanent colour as it has great longevity but is much easier to remove than permanent colours, especially box dye.