Hi, I'm Jo!

I’m an almost-30 mom, qualified hairstylist, hair extensions specialist, aesthetician, with an affinity for all things beauty. (Phew, that was a mouthful. Let’s say I’m a bit of a learn-o-holic who’s spent most of my adult life completing courses, qualifying, and working in areas that I love!)

Back to the Beginning

I remember the first blog post I ever wrote, back in 2007. My birth dad had just passed away and I needed an emotional outlet. I would journal how I felt under a pseudonym over on a website called Soulcast and the support and reception I received from strangers all over the world was so uplifting and inspiring.

Blogging as we know it hadn’t really taken off at this point. It wasn’t monetizable so was a pure labour of love for me. For years, I continued to write about things going on in my life and how I felt about them, both as a means of escapism but also as a way of offering advice and guidance to other’s that may of been going through similar things. Along with writing music and singing, blogging became one of very few things that I was passionate about – and good at.

The Relaunch

I relaunched Joannesherrell.com in March 2020 in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic. Being quarantined and unable to work created a lot of uncertainty and boredom. I decided to start blogging again after a long hiatus, as a means of escapism. I was desperate to find an outlet that allowed me to be productive. Combining my passions for photography and writing seemed like the most logical choice, and thus Joannesherrell.com was reborn.

I first started writing Joanne Sherrell in 2013. While my blog really kicked off and I gained amazing opportunities collaborating with some much-loved brands, my mental health had deteriorated due to some issues in my personal life that eventually resulted in me closing down the blog.

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